"Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy."
Lao Tzu

Future Expansion of Children’s Life University

Children’s Life University (CLU) is a beacon for conscious nurturing of children. It is also a centre of healing and spiritual growth for parents, teachers, and caregivers. It is a thriving community for those practicing spiritual parenting and holistic education. CLU conducts healing workshops. Its training programs focus on the wholesome well-beingness of adults and children. Our early experiences have convinced us of the importance of bringing back harmony to families while providing children a solid foundation for learning and growth. Because of the increase in teachers and students over the last few years, our school and healing centre are being used to the maximum extent possible for our current space.

We are now ready for the next phase of our growth.

Physical Infrastructure

We are in the process of identifying a larger space to house our healing centre and school. By seeking land in North Bangalore, we hope to remain near Bangalore city to make it easier for children to commute from home and for families to receive our services. We hope to move to our new campus within the next three years. Our immediate need is purchasing land near our existing school. We welcome your support and financial contributions to help our dream become reality!

Please contact us at childrenslifeuniversity@gmail.com to support us on this beautiful journey or click here for the Donation Form.

We are looking to buy land to accommodate:

Healing and Spiritual Centre

  • Healing Centre for individualized and group healing sessions
  • Meditation Hall
  • Training and Retreat Centre for longer trainings
  • Guest House/cottages/dormitory for residential programs

Research Centre to support Life School and Outreach

  • Developing holistic science curriculum for children
  • Developing integrated programs for children
  • Creating teacher and parent training programs
  • Researching and documenting of our work with adults, children and students with special needs

Life School

  • Life School will comprise of many cozy, home-like clusters that help children immediately relax. Many small homes for different age groups will accommodate a large number of children while retaining sacredness. A play area and gardening area is part of every cluster.
  • Modern and ancient eco-friendly buildings will be constructed in creative geometric shapes.
  • Water bodies and ponds will be part of the natural eco-system. These will be used as outdoor classrooms.
  • A Science Centre for holistic science where children learn by doing and interacting with nature.
  • Natural surroundings with plenty of access to nature. We feel the rhythm of nature within the school environment. Sustainable practices are integrated into the rhythm of CLU. Children will absorb these practices from an early age.
  • A small animal farm for children to interact with animals while taking care of them.
  • Good Sports, Martial Arts, Swimming and Gymnastics facilities.
  • An Arts Centre – Fine Arts, Clay Therapy, and Handwork such as weaving.
  • A Theatre Centre with auditorium for the Performing Arts.
  • A Library and Movie Centre.
  • Dormitory & Residential facilities for children and adults studying in Life School from outside of Bangalore.
  • A Children’s Museum that displays the children’s works in the arts and other areas

#83-84, L G Lakedew, Bilishivale, Doddagubbi Post, Bangalore 560077 India
+91 98800 83563     info@cluglobal.org