"We all love animals. Why do we call some ‘pets’ and others ‘dinner’?”
K D Lang

Policies of the School

  • The school is taking the responsibility to provide food for your
    child. Please do not pack any snack /breakfast for your child. Healthy
    sumptuous snacks are provided early in the day and a fruit snack later
    in the morning. Please be reassured of the same.
  • The children should not be carrying any edible items (chocolates or
    candies) to school.
  • Birthday celebrations: The whole school will sing for your child at
    lunch time :) You can send small chocolates or sweets for the whole school;
    Cakes can be sent only for your child’s own class. In case of cake cutting
    we would prefer a cream less cake. Please inform your child’s class teacher
    at least two days before the celebration day.
  • Kindly ensure your child wears shoes for sports on the day when Sports
    is scheduled, the days will be informed to you by the class teacher.
  • We have provided Karate uniforms last year for kids who were here. We
    have new uniforms coming in for kids who have joined Karate this year.
    Please ensure your kids have their uniforms with the on Karate days.
  • If your child is unable to attend any physical education activities,
    please inform the class teacher over an sms or as a note in the agenda.
  • On regular days please encourage your child to wear comfortable
    walking shoes and comfortable clothes. Children will be going for short
    walks around the school, please make sure their foot wear is comfortable
    for these outings.
  • Children planning for sleepovers cannot use the school transport.
    Parents please co-ordinate this independently.
  • The reporting time for each child is 8:10, we request the parents to
    drop the children at the school gate by 8:10.
  • The school ends at 3:30pm. For parents picking up the children from
    school, please be at the gate 3:30pm sharp. The office will not be open
    beyond 15 mins after closing time for any supervision of children.
  • In case you pick up your child in your own vehicle, please park your
    vehicle before the school lane. Please walk up to the school gate to pick
    up your child safely. School vans will ply from the school gate itself;
    this warrants children being picked up and walked back to your own vehicles
  • In case of leave of absence, please inform the class teacher and (if
    applicable) one of the transport coordinator before van pick up time (7:00
    AM). Please update your child’s leave details in the agenda book or the
    folder given to your child.
  • Administering of any prescriptions: Please hand over any medical
    prescriptions in a sealed bag to the class teachers with written
    instructions (or over an sms to your class teacher on the previous day or
    before 7:00 AM).
  • During school hours, please contact is Teena at 9880083563 for any
  • If you need to pick up your child early during school hours in case of
    emergencies please contact Teena at 9880083563.

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