"Creation is continuous, spontaneously occurring everywhere, and everywhere simultaneously in kind of spacious present. There is always new energy and all are open, even though they seem to operate separately."

Life School

The model of education at Life School (Creative) is based on the practical work already being carried out at Creative school. Life School is a space that truly facilitates children becoming fearless. On a foundation of unconditional love and awareness, we provide a space where each child can blossom to their highest potential. With awakened teacher facilitators, the children experience a wide curriculum in an atmosphere of openness and curiosity. The emphasis is on creative holistic education that builds upon both intuitive and logical skills. Curricular subjects such as Languages, Mathematics, Sciences and Social Studies are all taught through fun activities and games leading to a thorough grounding of concepts. Arts, Music, Theatre, Physical Education and Storytelling are very much integrated in our school. As importantly, the children learn invaluable life skills to navigate their lives, face challenges and become conscious creators.

Our classroom pedagogy and practices are guided by the philosophy of the masters Dr Newton Kondaveti, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Rudolph Steiner and Maria Montessori. Traditionally, most schooling has been achieved through accumulation of facts. In attempting this, schools literally kill the creativity that already exists. A child’s latent energy needs to be creatively awakened with love and gentleness. Our learning processes are creative and exploratory and completely engage the child. They touch the heart and have a deeper and lasting impact on the child. Learning is hands-on and accommodates various learning styles. Multiple intelligences in the child are developed. In such an environment, a child’s natural talents begin to emerge.


We have created a curriculum that is age appropriate for the child rather than just content oriented. Overall physical, emotional and curricular needs of the child are always kept in mind while designing our curriculum. Our children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. They actively engage in the class and do an amazing job of it!

All academic subjects are taught through creative processes – the child explores the topics first before going deeper into the rigour of learning. We follow the Cambridge International (IGCSE) curriculum framework while still maintaining a unique and balanced learning atmosphere. Learning methods have been incorporated from various sources in India and abroad. Our teachers teach what they themselves are passionate about – this passion carries through to the child.

Spiritual Sciences are integrated in a natural manner in the functioning of the school. Through storytelling, simple meditations and various child friendly activities spirituality is explored as a part of life. Children are encouraged to be internally aware of their feelings and body sensations. We have various awareness exercises where the children reflect on their own inner answers. Our children are encouraged and supported to be authentic. They communicate honestly to each other and to the teachers. This free expression helps the child unburden any inner conflict and experience unconditional acceptance from adults. The whole atmosphere in the school is very open. The children journal their feelings and anything they want on a daily basis.

School as a Community – as a home

One of the striking aspects of our school is the sense of community.
The whole environment is like a home – a large family. Many of our teachers
are also parents. So the children have a sense of continuation between home and school. The school is a sangha of children and adults. We work together to evolve and grow. We really support each other’s daily needs and spiritual growth. Community involvement and connections are emphasized. This environment has truly helped children adjust easily. School is not seen as a large intimidating space but as a comfortable space to explore. Our children have been growing leaps and bounds in confidence!

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