"Health is the greatest possession. Contentment is the greatest treasure. Confidence is the greatest friend. Non-being is the greatest joy."
Lao Tzu

Towards New Education

Awakening the Wisdom Within!

Children’s Life University, the children’s wing of Life University is a special place dedicated to Life’s most precious gift – our children.  This vision from Dr Newton Kondaveti is especially dedicated as an offering to the children of the New Age.  It is a vision that provides an opportunity to truly co-create soul based education that embraces all dimensions of life.  A new way of education that keeps the spirit of the child alive.

The Children’s Life University team has been working in this area in North Bangalore for the past few years to create a new model for soul based education.  A small and conscious community of teachers, parents and children are living soul based lives and practising principles of spiritual parenting and spiritual education. Children’s Life University has now created a teacher and parent training program to help facilitate more people to do the same.

Need of the Hour

A completely new way of looking at education is very much the need of the hour.  For centuries now, education has been systematically distancing itself from the true requirements of human life and living. In this process the divine spirit of the child gets overlooked and destroyed. In our mad rush for better and better marks, we have thrown out the child. Our narrow definition of success has tossed out the human soul – the very foundation of life. The baby and the bathwater so to speak!

Our current system of education ignores the strength of our own inner wisdom. We grow with a lot of academic information but lack the strength and purpose to live our lives wisely and fully – embracing the divine within. Life becomes one-dimensional and something always feels lacking. We rarely follow the inner journey of our soul or choose our lives based on our inner calling.  Slowly the inner voice gets drowned. Is there another way?  Can we bring the soul back into education? Can we create a way where this divine spirit of the children is retained and nurtured?

Yes, it is possible for education to be more meaningful to life and living.  It needs a collective desire and will to co-create this. It is possible for education to address all of our human needs – material and spiritual.  For this, we need to address the whole child.

Retreats and Training Programs

Children’s Life University has designed a series of retreats for this purpose exploring all dimensions of education.  These retreats and training programs will offer all those interested in working with children a deep experience and understanding to actually practice new education. Let us look at the different steps involved in transforming ourselves and our educational spaces into soul based education

  1. The Essence of Parenting and Teaching”   – A unique retreat that truly honours the Teacher and Parent! This retreat provides a wonderful opportunity for every parent and teacher to return to wholeness and love within and touch their divine essence. It provides a solid foundation for spiritual parenting and spiritual education of our precious children.
  2.  “The Heart of Parenting and Teaching” –  A retreat to explore Soul based Education. The wisdom of the heart is truly the aim of education.  This retreat develops a way for heart centred education and what constitutes a sacred classroom. We learn to de-condition ourselves more deeply from old paradigms and gain newer ways to facilitate soul based education.
  3. “The Joy of Teaching” – A retreat to explore new ways of interacting with children. Children learn best through play. In a child’s world there is no difference between work and play. We need to fundamentally change how we interact with children. All lessons can be explored in an experiential manner through play and discovery. This retreat helps you to discover more joyful ways of interacting with the child and develop skills in this area through practical experience for yourself!
  4. “The Elements of Teaching” – A retreat to better understand Child Development and the Needs of Children while learning to facilitate Age Appropriate Learning. One needs a good understanding of the overall needs and development of children in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. Age appropriate curriculum will truly help the children experience the best learning appropriate for their age at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  Learn to bring in sensitivity and at the same time maximize learning and flowering of the child’s potential. Learn to reframe curriculum according to this.
  5. “The Sacred Classroom” –   Practical Experience. Practical applications of the principles of education are very important in converting learning into wisdom. Teacher facilitators in training will assist in the classroom for getting direct experience in working with children.  They will be assigned a mentor who can help them during the entire duration of training. This includes observation, group learning, continued inner reflection and growth.
  6. Graduation – An End and a new Beginning.  A written exam, presenting of observations and case studies as well as practical demonstration will be part of this graduation ceremony.

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