"What our eyes behold may well be the text of life but one's meditations on the text and the disclosures of these meditations are no less a part of the structure of reality."
Wallace Stevens

Introduction to The Essence of Parenting and Teaching

Children’s Life University presents a 2 Day
Introduction to The Essence of Parenting and Teaching

Jayashree Ashok and B. Ashok

30th – 31st March 2013
at Creative School, Children’s Life University


This wonderful introductory workshop is for anyone interested in conscious, co-operative and holistic parenting and teaching.   A parent is the child’s first teacher.  A teacher is a child’s role model. Parenting and Teaching are in themselves both an art and a sacred science and deserve this recognition and space.  They provide many opportunities for growth and nurturing the seeds of love and compassion for ourselves and our children.  For this, we need to learn new ways of working with children.

Our children today, have a great opportunity for new ways of growing. Unfortunately, most of us did not experience the same in our own childhood.  We have grown up in more repressive environments and carry within our psyche deep rooted fears and limiting beliefs.   Learn to de-condition and heal yourself from emotional triggers, thoughts and beliefs which limit you, your parenting or teaching.  Recognize how this affects you and your children.  Shift to living, parenting and teaching from love and higher consciousness for yourself and your children.


  • Introduction to Spiritual Parenting and Education
  • Steps towards Parenting/Teaching from love instead of fear
  • Our Journey as a Soul
  • Effects of our Subconscious Mind
  • Healing As a Foundation for Conscious Living, Parenting and Teaching
  • Awareness Exercises – Mindfulness in Parenting and Teaching
  • Introduction to Inner Child Healing
  • Connecting with and Nurturing the Inner Child
  • Recognizing limiting beliefs.  Replacing Self Criticism with Self Nurturing


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Workshop Fees:

Rs 4500/- including organic vegetarian lunch and snacks.

Jayashree and B. Ashok are co-founders of Children’s Life University started under the enlightened guidance of their teacher Dr Newton Kondaveti.  CLU is dedicated to awakening the inner wisdom within and provides a space for families and children to heal and live empowered whole lives using soul science.

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