“Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry.”
Alvin Price

The Heart of Parenting and Teaching

By Dr. Newton Kondaveti, Dr. Lakshmi, Jayashree Ashok and the CLU Team

28th May – 3rd June 2013

at The School of Ancient Wisdom

Devanahalli, Bangalore

The Heart of Parenting and Teaching introduces parents and teachers to heart based ways of being and interacting with children. Heart centred parenting and teaching allows maximum growth and creativity to emerge in the child.
Learn ways to encourage intuitive and creative abilities and facilitate the overall harmonious development of your child. Help your child express their own unique fragrance!

flower-hoptTraditionally, most parenting and teaching has focussed on intellectual development and that too a very narrow view of the intellect. What is traditionally viewed as logic encourages suppression of our emotional and intuitive abilities. Children are mostly prepared only for survival as serving of material needs has been the major goal of raising children. Overall holistic growth of the child is ignored. Gradually, children become disempowered, lose their inner voice and learn to conform to outer expectations whether or not it is in their own soul journey.

It is time to shift and approach child development from a higher consciousness.

We need to shift to soul based education which recognizes that every child has innate wisdom and pure potential waiting to be unlocked. It allows each child’s inner light to emerge and keeps their spirit alive. Every child has the freedom and space to figure out their unique expression and contribution to society. Education is approached as a life long process where all skills to live wisely are emphasized. Life Education is the spirit of our work with children and adults, bringing into balance our material, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Come and learn approaches to parenting and teaching that will empower with you to truly work with children in a whole way.

Course Contents:

  • Parenting and teaching from the heart
  • Heart mind and conscious creation
  • Soul journey – understanding ourselves and our children
  • The role of an awakened parent /teacher
  • De-conditioning of parents and teachers
  • The spiritual foundation of education – historical perspectives
  • Acknowledging our four beings
  • Preparing the inner instruments for learning
  • Reviewing child development and educational pedagogies of Spiritual Masters
  • Working with children with all levels
  • The Sacred Classroom
  • Abundance, flow ease and harmony for effective growth and learning
  • Practical Demonstrations
  • The art of teaching – a four step learning process
  • Conflicts and nurturing limits
  • Creating your own sacred classroom – practice sessions with feedback

A required pre-requisite for this course  is The Essence of Parenting and Teaching Retreat


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Retreat Fees:

Rs. 25,000 per head before 28th April, Rs. 27,000 after 28th April.
This covers accommodation and vegetarian meals.

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