"The fool thinks he has won a battle when he bullies with harsh speech, but knowing how to be forbearing alone makes one victorious."
Samyutta Nikaya I, 163

The Essence of Parenting and Teaching

Dr Newton Kondaveti, Dr Lakshmi, Jayashree Ashok and
Children’s Life University Team

Children’s Life University presents a unique 7 Day Intensive Residential Retreat that truly honours the Teacher and Parent!

This retreat provides a wonderful opportunity for every parent and teacher to return to wholeness and love within and touch their divine essence.  It is for anybody interested in conscious, effective and holistic parenting and teaching.  It is also open to anyone interested in healing themselves from suppressed emotional triggers and repetitive patterns.  It helps de-condition and heal deeply.  It provides a solid foundation for spiritual parenting and spiritual education.  This is the first retreat in the “Towards New Education” training series created by Children’s Life University.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for those who are willing to go deep within themselves and face hidden fears and free themselves. For those who are willing to go beyond pretence and defence mechanisms and emerge with their true essence.

1st May – 7th May 2013
at The School of Ancient Wisdom
Devanahalli, Bangalore

Course contents

  • Our Soul Journey
  • Exploration of our Emotional Triggers
  • Introduction to Child Development and Needs
  • Inner Child Healing through womb, infant, pre-school, school and
    adolescent stages
  • Releasing Fear, Shame and Guilt
  • Transforming your limiting beliefs –replacing Self Criticism with Self Nurturing
  • Past Life and Age Regression
  • Our defense mechanisms
  • Freeing ourselves from our shadows
  • Energy Loss and Awareness exercises
  • Embracing our many selves – sub-personalities inside us
  • Reaching our teacher essence – the soul of teaching.


A parent is the child’s first teacher.  A teacher is a child’s role model. Parenting and Teaching are truly sacred.  The very role gives us a wonderful opportunity to nurture the seeds of love and compassion and help our children retain theirsoul wisdom.  As more of us are becoming conscious of the nature of this wonderful task, we have started feeling within us a need for more loving and meaningful ways to raise our children.  Spiritual Parenting and Spiritual Education are two aspects of this whole.  Together they form the foundational steps for soul based education, holistic life education in our homes and schools, so that our children can develop their highest multi-dimensional potential.

Our children today have a wonderful opportunity for this new way of growing.  Unfortunately, most of us did not always have the same opportunities while we were growing up.  For holistic education, we adults first need to come to wholeness. Empowerment and awakening of adults to their own inner wisdom is the first step to any meaningful work with children.  The principles of conscious, spiritual parenting and teaching are inadequate without our own healing.  Despite our best intentions for our children we tend to fall into repressive parenting and teaching styles due to the emotional triggers we carry deep within our own sub conscious mind.

Healing Our Soul Wounds

We carry within us emotional triggers deep in our psyche or sub-conscious mind. These triggers are frozen emotions, thought and belief patterns from previous life times as well as our childhood. These frozen fears manifest as limitations in our life. We have also experienced childhood and adolescent trauma due to unmet needs. Unresolved emotions in our psyche lock us into the same pattern of behaviour we may have internalized from our parents and ancestors. Without realizing it we project these onto our children and people around us. We parent and teach from fear. In order to parent and teach from love and higher consciousness we need to release these frozen fears. This retreat is specially designed for you to release frozen fears deep in your psyche and also free your own mind from self-limiting beliefs and limitations which keep you from your full potential.

With it we reclaim our full creativity and potential from our childhood. From this healed state and deeper understanding conscious spiritual parenting happens naturally and easily. With the power of inner wisdom, we communicate with children and respond to a child’s development with love and wisdom. By taking care of ourselves – we automatically care for our children. They absorb renewed healed energies from us. We become healthy role models for our children and live our lives fully!


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Retreat Fees:

Rs. 25,000 per head before April 1st, Rs. 27,000 after April 1st.
For those who have attended the 2 day introductory workshop,
the fee is Rs. 22,500 per head before April 1st, Rs. 25,000 after April 1st.
This covers accommodation and vegetarian meals.

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