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Founder’s Message for Sacred Children Magazine
Healing the Parent – Conscious Parenting Made Easy
Family Life Is a Spiritual Journey
Life University
Creative – A school home


Founder’s Message for Sacred Children Magazine

By Dr Newton Kondaveti

My Dear Friends,

I am very happy to see the birth of the first issue of ‘Sacred Children’. This magazine is the voice of the awakened individuals who have found the purpose and meaning of their lives and want to share their wisdom and transformation with others in order to inspire them. It is the voice of those who have realized the value of Soul based education, adopted it for their children, and want to inspire others to initiate a change in the Schooling System.

Most of the education systems in the world today are mind based with a left-brained approach, which focuses only on logic and analytical abilities. However, the need of the hour is Soul based education, which focuses on intuitive and creative abilities that bring out the harmonious development of a child. It recognizes that every individual has innate wisdom waiting to be awakened and innate potential waiting to be unlocked. If the teacher is aware and awake to the deep wisdom and tremendous potential within, then the entire classroom turns itself into a place of true learning for the children and becomes full of sacredness; it becomes a temple for learning. ‘Spiritual Parenting’ and ‘Holistic Education’ are two components of Soul based education. Parents and caretakers will work together with teachers to play an important role in the holistic development of a child. The spiritual parenting principles which are followed in the families can give the right foundation to the child’s growth and Holistic Education principles followed in schools can further awaken the child’s innate wisdom and provide an environment for unlocking the full potential within. This will enable children to find Creativity, Joy and Purpose in their lives and grow up without any blocks, as sacred children.

It is the collective dream of the entire humanity to create a future where the Earth becomes a peaceful place, a paradise. Children are our future. If we sow the right seeds in them now, they will create the world that we dream of. Therefore, the manifestation of this dream starts with children, at homes and schools. Teachers and Parents become a wonderful team to give that unconditional space and love to the children that will enable them to blossom to the fullest. I wish that all the parents and caretakers will begin to practice the principles of Spiritual Parenting and that all the teachers in schools will add this element of holism and sacredness to the classrooms.

The magazine ‘Sacred Children will play vital role in transforming the schooling system in the world by ushering in the age of Soul based education, and I wish it a grand success in its endeavour to fulfill its purpose. My Best wishes to the team of Sacred Children magazine.

Let there be more and more schools based on Soul Based Education!
Let there be more and more families following Spiritual Parenting Principles!
Let there be more and more children on this Earth whose sacredness is recognized and acknowledged!

Love and Light,
Dr Newton Kondaveti

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Healing the Parent – Conscious Parenting Made Easy

By Jayashree Ashok

A parent is the child’s first teacher. Many of us today are aware of the need for more loving parenting and teaching approaches. Perhaps, because of our experiences while growing up we have become more aware of the detrimental effects of harsh and punitive parenting styles on children. Harsh words and actions can cause long term damage to a child’s fragile and growing self-esteem. Children are wide open sponges – they completely internalize a parent’s words and actions and believe it to be real.

The Mother whose vision for parenting and education has guided many at Auroville in Pondicherry India has categorically stated that parents and teachers need to “be” who they want their children to be. Children learn from who their parents are – not just words spoken. They deeply internalize from their parents “being”. Parents are truly a child’s first and most important role model and teacher.

Let us take a common example – often parents “lie” to a child to pacify him or her. They then turn around and admonish a child for lying to them! It simply does not work. A child internalizes that lying is okay by watching adult behavior. To encourage the truth and prevent a child from lying a parent needs to be authentic themselves. Often children lie when it finds it unsafe to speak the truth. A home environment where it is safe to express the truth encourages children to do the same.

Let us look at another common behavior pattern most of us as parent’s exhibit – perhaps subconsciously. Most of the time, we expect children to achieve something we have been unable to achieve. Or protect our children from failures where we have failed in life! We parent mostly from fear – we fear everything for our children that we are afraid of. We project our fears on to our children! A child is subjected to subtle and not so subtle pressures to perform and conquer what we have been unable to. These pressures stop a child’s inner flowering. Their inner self which pure infinite potential shrivels up and takes on these pressure and fear patterns. They stop the child’s inner flowering. Every child has full potential to develop their own unique identity. With careless parenting and teaching we damage the child’s inherent genius. How can we overcome this? Can we parent and teach in a way that allows our children to unfold naturally and fully?

In order to achieve this we need more conscious and spiritual parenting and teaching. But these principles are inadequate without our own healing. Despite our best intentions for our children we tend to fall into repressive parenting and teaching styles because of the emotional triggers we carry deep within our own sub conscious mind. Let us explore this some more.

Healing the Parent’s Inner Child
We carry within us emotional triggers deep in our psyche. These triggers are frozen emotions, thought and belief patterns that lock us into limitations. We have also experienced childhood and adolescent “trauma” due to unmet needs. These unresolved emotions lock us into the same pattern of behavior we may have internalized from our parents. “Inner Child Healing” is a truly wonderful journey of becoming aware and then free from frozen emotional triggers and old behavioral patterns. It helps us first! From this healed state and deeper understanding conscious spiritual parenting happens naturally and easily. By taking care of ourselves – we automatically care for our children. They can absorb from us renewed healed energies. We can be healthy role models for our children!

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Family Life Is a Spiritual Journey
By Jayashree Ashok

Welcome to the first edition of Sacred Children. This magazine is dedicated to everything about our precious children. Children are the wisdom of today and the wise wings of our future! Recognizing this, our goal is to bring to our consciousness everything that affects our children – our families, schools and communities. This magazine is for sharing our collective wisdom and experiences in making our selves, our families, our children and ultimately our earth family healthy, whole and happy. It is spiritual wisdom based on spiritual truth that can truly bring in peace and well being for our children and all of us.

We are in a new age of healing families. The world is experiencing a big shift in human consciousness and is receiving a new influx of cosmic energy. We are moving out of fear based consciousness into one based on love and respect. More and more people are seeking and finding ways to live consciously based on spiritual truths of love and peace. We have an unprecedented opportunity to co-create peace and bring this in a practical manner into our families. As we do this, we help create wonderful opportunities for our children to grow up with a new consciousness and find their own unique life purpose. Our family life is the ultimate training and testing ground for spirituality on earth. Practical spirituality! We have every opportunity to practice unconditional love, peace and abundance in our families. As we do this, our children can and will thrive!

Our Children
What describes our children better than Kahlil Gibran’s words from the book ‘The Prophet?’
“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you.
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls.
For their souls dwell in the house of to-morrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the Archer’s hand be for gladness;
For even as He leaves the arrow that flies, so he also loves the bow that is stable.”

How can we create stable, loving, flexible, strong and humane spaces for our children to thrive in? Let us explore some aspects.

Our Relationships Are A Mirror
We come together with people we have past life karmic ties with. Often we have come together in relationships to learn from each other, heal unresolved issues and become whole. Our relationships are a mirror into our soul. They can give us a lot of information on where we need to grow spiritually. If we make this choice, we can learn many spiritual lessons from our relationships in our families. Our family life can be a great space to learn, grow and enjoy!

Many of us face repetitive patterns in relationships, irrational fears of intimacy or abandonment, and emotional reactions to people or situations that seem irrational or without cause. It can also be the instant attraction or discomfort you sometimes feel when you first meet someone. Often these patterns have roots extending beyond our current lifetime and into past-lives. These patterns are manifestations of your karmic dynamic. Changing or resolving this dynamic requires a much deeper look into your psyche and relationships. And our healing journeys begin to pave way for harmony in our families.

Spiritual Parenting and Spiritual Education
The age has come for us to truly practice principles of spiritual parenting and spiritual education. Our children like us have their own unique purpose in life. Today, there is growing awareness that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This automatically brings in deeper awareness of the true nature of our relationship with our children. The integration of this awareness into the process of parenting and schooling is spiritual parenting and spiritual education (schooling). We learn how to apply spiritual principles in parenting through conscious conception, pre-birth communication, spiritual pregnancy, water-birthing, and inner-child work. Children can be brought up with love based consciousness instead of fear based. Confident children who learn to look within for answers are the future of the world! Our schooling system truly needs to be transformed! Today, education has become narrowly defined as academic and material success. Our systems have killed the creativity in children. We need to transform schools from information giving dead spaces to living spaces where children thrive and grow. There is an urgent need to practically bring in and explore principles of spiritual education and teaching which address the soul, mind and body. Every child has the right to life education – to empower and build upon their inherent creativity and strengths. Every child has a right to a school based upon unconditional love and awareness. We need to co-create this!!

Reclaiming Our Own Wholeness
Practicing spiritual parenting and teaching becomes much easier as we heal ourselves and reclaim our own wholeness. We need to recognize the importance of our own journey. To live our lives fully as empowered souls in a human body we need to heal from childhood wounds. We need to heal our inner child. We are all inherently magnificent beings with limitless potential for experiencing and expressing unconditional love, joy and creativity. However, to fully experience our true nature, the child within must be embraced and expressed! Unless we reconnect with our inner-child in a safe and unconditional environment, the child within will remain isolated and alone. Unless we reclaim our childlike feelings like sensitivity, wonderment and aliveness, our inner-child will remain wounded. By regaining our childlike qualities of spontaneity, creativity and playfulness, we will be able to live with unconditional love and joy. By fully reintegrating with our inner-child, we can become complete human beings and once again feel whole. As we become whole, we automatically and naturally practice spiritual parenting and teaching with our children.

Success and Prosperity: Abundance Is the Foundation for Living
It is time for us to practice principles of abundant living in our families. Abundance is a wonderful inner state of plenty. A feeling of prosperity consciousness! We can live our lives experiencing success as defined and created by us. It is mostly our own attitudes, and beliefs that come in the way. Tapping into our inner wisdom can easily change long-held self-sabotaging beliefs. We can help ourselves and our children to live our lives the way we want to. We can become conscious and successful creators of our own lives.

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Life University

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…”
Lao Tzu

Life University is much more than just an educational institution. It seeks to create a spiritual community composed of people who understand spirituality, practice it, and live in oneness consciousness. It will become a city of light workers – a recreation of paradise on earth. The timing of the manifestation of Life University is very significant as it coincides with this exciting period when the world is on the threshold of a major shift in human consciousness and is receiving a new influx of cosmic energy.

Humankind has come a long way since the dawn of civilization. From battling for survival and territorial gains – through the cultural, industrial and technology revolutions – we have finally reached the threshold of a Spiritual Revolution. Every stage of evolution had a relevant type of education, and today, Spiritual Education is the need of the hour. Life University is a hub of Spiritual Education that is aimed at helping people align themselves to this shift in Consciousness. Like a beacon, it will serve as a guide to every individual’s unique path of Enlightenment, while he/she learns the underlying truths of Life and begins relishing the most ordinary of Life’s experiences in the most extraordinary ways.

The singular objective of the “Life University” is to “Awaken the Wisdom Within”. We have seen that ignorance is the root cause of all evil in the world. In this age of great technological achievements and information explosion, we have begun to feel that we have reached the frontiers of knowledge and that there is nothing left for us to learn. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most of us are totally ignorant about the true nature of our reality. Have you ever heard the saying, “As within, so without”?

Our external environment is nothing but a reflection of our inner environment. To achieve global peace and harmony, we therefore need to achieve inner harmony. To achieve inner harmony, we need to understand the true nature of our reality. We need to understand that we are powerful creators and that “We create our own reality by virtue of our thoughts and beliefs”.

If only we all understand this great truth, the world would be transformed beyond recognition and for the better!

Vision & Mission
The vision of Life University isTo be the beacon of light to humanity ushering in a new way of living based on awakening innate wisdom, compassion, peace, and joy by:

  • Enabling the exuberant flowering of human consciousness into its fullest potential
  • Recreating paradise through understanding the sacred connection to Mother Earth and living in the true spirit of abundance
  • Living in complete harmony in self-sustaining, self-governing, supportive communities

In line with the above vision, Life University will:
Create an open, supportive, unconditional and holistic environment for not just gaining knowledge, but assimilating the concepts learnt into one’s daily life, thereby transforming it into profound wisdom.

  • Help people learn that Spirituality is not escaping life but embracing life fully
  • Help people understand spiritual truths and also guide them to practice and live these truths
  • Bring all teachings of great masters from across the world onto a single platform
  • Provide answers to many of the unanswered questions plaguing mankind
  • Enable people to see the ‘big picture’ wherein, in spite of feeling that at times humankind seems to be moving backwards or going around in circles, we are in effect continuously moving upward in a spiral

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Creative – A school home
By Jayashree Ashok

Creative is a new holistic school for children, parents and teachers located in North Bangalore. Our vision is to inspire and encourage children to become abundant and conscious creators of their own lives – each following their own unique path, empowered by their soul. True education empowers us to live our lives fully by bringing in awareness of all aspects of our life. It helps us develop the ability to handle all our many needs – spiritual, material, and emotional. It makes us aware of all aspects of our being while helping us navigate successfully in this physical and material world.

Spirituality is the core of education that can empower our every day lives – helping us to overcome barriers within ourselves in life’s overall journey. Creative provides a space for holistic education with a strong soul based foundation. Our programs have been developed under the loving guidance of Dr Newton Kondaveti. Creative is also deeply inspired by the educational philosophy of the masters Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Rudolph Steiner and Maria Montessori.

Education comes from the Latin word, “educare”, which means “to draw out”. The true meaning is to draw out what is already there inside. Not just dump content into a child! To educate ourselves and our children has a greater significance – to be able to draw out from within ourselves the knowing already present. This requires very conscious and sensitive parenting and teaching – spiritual teaching and parenting. To truly attempt this, we adults need to unlearn the old ways and begin anew! Healing of our self is the core of this unlearning and relearning. Without healing, it becomes difficult to practically implement these principles on a daily basis while parenting or educating our children. Through healing, we become aware of our own inner barriers, transform them and then function effortlessly.

Keeping this in mind, Creative is as much of an educational space for teachers and parents as it is for children. Children learn best through personal example from the adults in their lives. It is extremely important for teachers and parents to be conscious role models for their children. Under Dr Newton’s guidance, processes have been created for such a conscious transformation for adults and children. Pragya – Living Wisdom Centre the heart of Creative is open to families and teachers for their own healing, learning and inner growth.

Unconditional Love Is the Foundation
The foundation of our school is unconditional love. Before any lessons begin, the teacher makes an attempt to harmonize the heart connection between the children and her self. When this flow exists in the classroom, learning automatically happens easily.

A teacher’s inner journey greatly affects the class flow. Most of our teachers are consciously growing themselves spiritually through workshops and sessions. The teachers reflect on their own inner reactions towards children. We have regular time set up in the school time table for teachers to support each other with this. They go within themselves to release natural frustrations and unblock themselves. To ensure that the challenges they face in the teaching learning process does not shut off their heart connection with the child. We are co-creating a space of non-judgment, understanding and increasing awareness. Sufficient time is set aside for our own personal nourishment. Teacher “self” work and reflection happens as part of the curriculum in the school.

Classroom Learning Approaches
Traditionally, most schooling has been achieved through accumulation of facts. Often schools just dump information into a child and in the process; literally kill the wisdom that already exists! Rarely is the child’s inherent wisdom and capability acknowledged. It is vitally important for learning to switch from being fact oriented to creative and exploratory processes that completely engage the child. Learning must be hands on and accommodate various learning styles enabling every child to develop to her innate and fullest potential. Child centered learning which involves the child in the entire process of learning is absorbing and effective. It draws out creativity. In such an environment, a child’s natural talents begin to emerge.

Creative’s classroom pedagogy and practices are guided by the educational philosophy of the masters Dr Newton Kondaveti, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Rudolph Steiner and Maria Montessori. Our learning methods are very joyful and hands on and have been learnt from various sources in India and abroad. Our teachers teach what they themselves are passionate about – this passion carries through to the child. We have created a curriculum that is age appropriate for the child rather than just content oriented. Age appropriate needs of the child are always kept in mind while designing our curriculum. We have a well rounded curriculum with activities that develop a healthy sense of physical fitness with sports and other activities. Arts, Crafts, Music, Gardening and Theatre are integral to our school.

Even many of the traditional subjects are explored through a joyful and expansive process that greatly contributes to the overall development of the child and all involved. We are able to retain a child’s natural curiosity and interest. We emphasize inter-connected learning that is project based. One can utilize the arts to learn even Science and Mathematics. Mathematics and Science are explored as something that exists in nature – dynamic, subjective, creative, and natural. Children are encouraged to experience the beauty of languages by reading, writing, and sharing their understandings, feelings and work. Social Studies is approached in a manner exploring various perspectives in History, Civics and Geography. We make a conscious attempt to integrate the learning from India’s vast and rich heritage through storytelling, field trips and learning activities.

Our children are encouraged to take responsibility of their own learning. They do an amazing job of it! They actively engage in the class. A teacher acts as a facilitator rather than a dictator in our class. Children’s interests, imagination, and performance influence the direction of pursuit. We strive for a balance between choice time and mandatory lesson time for the students. Lessons are designed by the teacher keeping the child’s aptitude and learning levels in mind.

Spiritual Sciences are explored through storytelling and activities that is child friendly. Simple meditations through nature and arts are practiced. Affirmations, gratitude practice and intention setting are part of all classes. Depending upon the age of the child they are encouraged to be aware of their feelings and body sensations. We have various awareness exercises where the children reflect on their own inner-answers. Our children are very honest and authentic. They communicate honestly to each other and to the teachers. Sometimes even too honestly! They are truly fearless. This free expression helps the child unburden any inner conflict and experience unconditional acceptance from adults. The whole atmosphere in the school is very open. The children journal their feelings and anything they want on a daily basis.

School as a Community – as a home
One of the striking aspects of our school is the sense of community. The whole environment is like a home – a large family. Many of our teachers are also parents. So the children have a sense of continuation between home and school. The school itself is a sangha of children and adults – staff, teachers and parents. We work together to evolve and grow. We really support each other in covering for daily needs and spiritual growth. Community involvement and connections are emphasized. This environment has truly helped children – especially young children adjust easily. School is not seen as a large intimidating space but as a comfortable space to explore. Our children are growing leaps and bounds in confidence!

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