“Parents need to fill a child’s bucket of self esteem so high that the rest of the world can’t poke enough holes to drain it dry.”
Alvin Price

About Us

The goal of Children’s Life University is to provide all the practical tools and wisdom necessary to make this a reality. Teachers and parents come together as a wonderful team to create an unconditional space full of love for children that will enable them to blossom to the fullest. It is a space that explores education in its truest sense – life education. Read more about the Philosophy of Life Education.

In Dr Newton’s words – “If we can take care of a 1000 children in such an atmosphere, they will take care of the world’s future!”

The seeds for the physical manifestation for Children’s Life University were sown when Jayashree Ashok met and trained under Dr Newton. Jayashree journey through 15 years in the area of education, led to find a new model for education with self-transformation and healing as its core. “Creative school” and “Pragya Living Wisdom Centre” were formed in North Bangalore. This model is deeply influenced by the works of several visionaries such as Dr Newton, Sri Aurobindo & The Mother, Rudolph Steiner and Maria Montessori. Children’s Life University is a natural extension of the ground work at Creative and Pragya.


Currently located in North Bangalore, Children’s Life University is a beacon for conscious nurturing of children as well as a centre for healing and spiritual growth for all involved adults and caregivers. Over the past two years, under Jayashree Ashok’s coordination, a strong core team has developed.

With the help of this dedicated team, we are seeing tremendous results. Many families and children have deeply benefited from the programs in the healing centre and school.

It is now a thriving community of people practicing spiritual parenting in the Living Wisdom Centre and holistic education at our Life School. We have designed many training programs for adults and children and have a fully functioning school for 51 children. Both the Living Wisdom Center and Life School (Creative) have grown and are being utilized by the maximum number of adults and children our current premises can accommodate.

#83-84, L G Lakedew, Bilishivale, Doddagubbi Post, Bangalore 560077 India
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