"We all love animals. Why do we call some ‘pets’ and others ‘dinner’?”
K D Lang

Based in Bangalore Children’s Life University has been co-founded by
Dr. Newton, Dr. Lakshmi, Jayashree Ashok and B. Ashok. This is a spiritual community of awakened parents and teachers who practice Spiritual Parenting and Soul Based Education. Most importantly it is a very special and unique place dedicated to life’s most precious gift – children!  Dr. Newton’s vision of a new way of parenting and education “spiritual parenting” and “soul based education” is alive here.

The physical manifestation of Children’s Life University exists in Creative School (started in 2010 by Jayashree and Ashok and an entire founding team) where Dr Newton’s teachings and vision of parenting and teaching from awakened state are practised and manifested daily! CLU is an active sangha of growth and consciousness, a living centre for Spiritual Transformation and Awakening. Creative School provides a wonderful environment for children who are growing up with freedom and empowerment. We have been creating a model school with many experiments and learnings in the area of education.


Parents and teachers use these amazing spiritual teachings in their own lives and a new way of parenting and teaching exists today. Our sangha has 118 children and 50 adults living with awareness and growing every day.  This transformation has reached our own homes and we embrace the spiritual foundation necessary for living our lives fully. We experience the joy of our families returning to harmony and wholeness in our own homes and working together to co-create Creative School.  We are seeing our children thrive in such an atmosphere!

In addition to the above – CLU activities include publishing a magazine “Sacred Children” for families, “Karuna Journal” for families with special needs and an online e-newsletter “Sacred Children” which share our growth and experiences in the areas of Spiritual Parenting and Soul Based Education.

In keeping with Dr. Newton’s vision and teachings of many masters Children’s Life University is a true New Age centre learning from the teachings of many masters. We embrace the essence of many spiritual teachings and integrate this wisdom in our lives.

#83-84, L G Lakedew, Bilishivale, Doddagubbi Post, Bangalore 560077 India
+91 98800 83563     info@cluglobal.org